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Local Attractions

Local Attractions

Murals - Waterville, KS (on west side of Anntie M's)

Victorian Mural

Victorian Mural

Bison Mural

Hunting Mural

There are other murals thoughout the county.

Alcove Springs - Blue Rapids, KS (6 miles north)

This picturesque area was a favorite campsite near the Independence Crossing of the Big Blue River. The spring originates in an unusual rock formation and falls over a rock ledge into a pool below. Emigrants carved their names in the rocks surrounding the spring, and many of these carvings are still visible.

Pony Express Original Home Station #1 - Marysville, KS

Pony Express BarnOne of the most famous events in the history of the US Mail Service was the operation of the Pony Express that began April 3, 1860. The delivery of fast mail was handled by 100 riders who changed mounts every 12 to 15 miles. The riders were changed at the 40 home stations between St. Joseph, Missouri (where the railroad ended) and Sacramento, California.

Home Station #1 out of St. Joseph, Missouri was Marysville, Kansas. The stone stable still standing today on the original site was barely completed in time when the first rider was due the morning of April 3, 1860. It was designated as a "Home Station" because it was a home to the weary riders either arriving from Guittard Relay Station near Beattie or the eastbound rider coming from the Hollenberg Ranch near Hanover.

Victorian Houses - Waterville, KS


Blue Rapids The library in Blue Rapids is one of the oldest public libraries west of the Mississippi still operating in its original building.
Marysville Doll Museum (785) 562-4077
912 Broadway, Marysville, KS 66508

Koester House Museum
919 Broadway, Marysville, KS 66508

Historic Courthouse Museum (785) 562-5012
1207 Broadway, Marysville, KS 66508

Pony Express Station Museum (785) 562-3825
106 S. Eighth St, Marysville, KS 66508

Waterville Depot Museum

Game Fork School House

The Marshal County Railroad Historical Society

Railroad CabooseUpon realizing that the historic tracks of the Central Pacific Railroad from 12th road in Marshall County, Kansas to the Marshall/Washington county line were to be abandoned by the Union Pacific Railroad in 2000, a group of concerned citizens and railroad enthusiasts immediately commence with the process of delaying that action in an attempt to preserve these historic tracks and, in doing so, preserve railroad history in Waterville and Blue Rapids, Kansas, Marshall County and the State of Kansas. The Society was established as a nonprofit organization and raised the necessary funds in 7 days to stop the abandonment. The Society became owners of 11.89 miles of Central Branch railroad track in 2001.

Area Cities

Blue Rapids

Other Resources

Cover of the Kansas Guidebook for Explorers

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Marshal County Development Corporation

Marshall County

Marysville Travel & Tourism
P. O. Box 16
Marysville, KS 66508
(785) 562-3101

Kansas Explorers Club - Explore Kansas!

The Kansas Explorers Club was created to inspire, educate, and encourage the exploration and appreciation of Kansas... and to have fun doing it.

The Kansas Guide Book by Marci Penner

Kansas State Historical Society

Kansas Travel and Tourism - Travel Kansas


Waterville, KS 66548